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Hello, I am Ekta, a life and Success Coach. I believe there is no greater service than elevating people’s mind. 


My journey towards spiritual evolution started in 2008 when I was questioning about the real happiness and the happiness found in having the material possessions. I was juggling through my questions and had very deep questions. 


Drowning in my fears, holding grief about my father’s death, and exhausted by the bumpy ride of my first year in marriage, I stumbled on my neighbor an old teacher of Pranic Healing.

I went to him for a healing session for the emotional pain and hurt I was carrying in my heart. After his short session, he handed over a book to me on Learning Pranic Healing.


I carried the book to my house read first few pages and got distracted as my fears were more engaging than the book. Fast forward to 2009, after a lot of skepticism I did Art of Living Course and renewed my hope towards life. Life started to change from there on. In 2015 I became a teacher with the organisation. Most of these years I was indulging and enjoying gaining and sharing the knowledge on meditation and personal development.


In 2016, time brought setbacks and I was pushed to balance spirituality and materialism. 

It dawned to me that both are important. In 2017 I joined the teacher’s training program of Jack Canfield and became a certified trainer. Since then I have been sharing all the knowledge I have with friends and people personally and professionally. 


My purpose is to share knowledge and my insights to empower and increase awareness in others so they live their highest self, expressing freedom and joy so this world is a loving, fulfilling and free place to be, where we all co-exist.


Earlier to this I worked as an Architect in a regular industry job, opened my small firm and practiced after leaving the job, and also got certified as a Green Building Professional.


What interests me more apart from these topics is caring for our planet Mother Earth. Contributing towards sustainable living. I have interests in occult and mysticism, tarot, and crystals.

From my experience, I can say we all are here to evolve. We all are treading a bridge some are moving backward and some forwards. For the ones moving backward, they a just a little behind and are evolving too in divine ways. And for some who are already treading forwards are the chosen ones in this lifetime. And if you are holding this book, you are the chosen one! You are special! As I am. So let's walk together! Company is good! And this one is rare to find.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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