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10 Steps To Reach Any Goal- Tips that can make a Massive Difference

I was researching today to create something for people who are already taking steps and somewhere in the middle when it becomes messy for them, some advise that can be given to them. I came across a very accurate article by on the 10 steps that can betaken to achieve any goal. The truth is to achieve any goal first step is to get uncomfortable , then it becomes messy in the middle and then comes clarity and then the tipping point and finally achievement. The article is written by Roger Connors. I am putting it here:

1) Redefine accountability.

Does the mere mention of the word accountability make you shudder? The negative (and uninspiring) view of accountability is reinforced in the common dictionary definition: “Subject to having to report, explain or justify; being answerable, responsible.”WANT TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS CLICK HERE

2) Think as if your life depended on it.

When you shift to a determined, creative mindset, you begin to discover solutions for challenges that you may have believed were out of your control. If your life depended on it, would you come up with a new idea or strategy to save yourself? Absolutely.

3) When you can’t control your circumstances, don’t let your circumstances control you.

On March 22, 2012, the state army of Mali stormed the presidential palace, overthrowing the western African country’s 20-year-old democracy. In the turmoil, Islamic militants took control of two-thirds of the country and crushed the upcoming democratic elections.

4) You’ve got to want it more than you don’t want it.

Everything will exact a certain price from you—energy, effort, patience, resources. It’s natural to want the good things in life without paying the price: You want to lose weight but don’t wan5) Don’t let gravity pull you down.WANT TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS CLICK HERE

5) Don’t let gravity pull you down.

Just as massive planets produce gravity—drawing everything toward them—it seems that tough problems and challenging obstacles have enough mass to pull you away from getting what you want. This force gets bigger and stronger as the challenges get larger and tougher. Don’t give in.

6) Every breakthrough requires a bold stroke.

Actor Jim Carrey grew up so poor that his family lived in a van after his father lost his job; at one point the Carreys slept in a tent on a relative’s lawn. But Carrey believed in his own future and in the things that he wanted to accomplish in his life.

7) Ask for feedback.

Soliciting advice and criticism from others creates accountability.

8) Ask yourself, Am I a renter or an owner?

We care more for the things we own than for the things we rent because we don’t have as much invested in things that are temporary; there’s not as much at stake. Have you ever washed a rental car? Of course not.WANT TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS CLICK HERE

9) Prepare to move a lot of dirt.

Finding solutions is just like digging for gold. Have you seen the Discovery Channel reality show Gold Rush? It follows the lives of modern-day miners as they compete against time, one another and nature in hopes of striking it rich. First the miners must remove a top layer of 6 to 12 feet of dirt and rocks before the real mining even starts.

10) Make it happen!

How do you do that? How do you really make personal accountability work for you? Wouldn’t it be easy if there were just some switch you could flip? An Easy Button you could push? Maybe an app you could use? Well, there really is a flipping magical switch-app-button. It’s called making a choice and acting on it.

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