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4 Big reasons why you are feeling stuck!😢

Are you feeling stuck and not able to move forward?

😢You take 5 steps ahead but again roll in 3 steps back. It's like a pattern you are not able to overcome.

I remember when I was feeling stuck and was not able to understand what patterns of me are causing it.

Actually, I never thought that way until I started to move my focus to the solution. Part of the reason we are stuck is that:

1) Your attention is on the problem

2) Your attention is on the reasons why you cannot get out of the problem

3) And you are dealing with a great amount of resistance

4) Your vision for life and purpose for life is there not is not strong enough to keep you moving.

Once I felt miserable enough, my focus shifted to seeking answers. And then everything started to fall in place. Before I made this shift:

😯 I needed to realize that wherever you focus the energy grows in that direction.

😯I needed to realize and uncover my resistance. They come in all forms. Like fear, low selfesteem, limiting beiefs

😯I realized that I had completely forgotten about my vision or purpose. I was at a new destination and had to repurpose my life. The old purpose had already faded out and I had to find a new one. had evolved more.

Today I am a successful coach with a consistent 5 figures a month.

😃 my first success came around when I learned to change the patterns of my thinking., that was my first step.

😃 I started to face my resistance and learned how to overcome them one step at a time

😃I learned that this journey is not linear but a learning and an ongoing journey. You just need to keep going and keep doing without waiting for a perfect time to make things happen.

Best part?

💖I feel so much happy that I know how to put the problems on a table and join the pieces of the puzzle.

Problems will be there, but thinking your way through them is what can make you stronger.

💖 I shifted from feeling stuck to knowing that you can create your reality as you want. You can live your purpose and highest vision of you.

💖 I feel more fulfilled because I love what I do and help others do the same for them.

✨That's the power you get when you Unstuck yourself and delve into the adventure of having the desired life.

✨Comment with what you are going to do now as your first step to free yourself. Like and share it with others so it can motivate others to take action. Join my private Facebook group for more support on finding your purpose. xoxo

Love Ektaa Lal😢

P.S. Click here to: how to find your purpose and 3 mistakes to avoid while you are finding your purpose...







Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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