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Are you Feeling Stuck? Whats is the reason?

Why you are stuck? Why you feel stuck..

It means that you feel you are not making progress…

It can be that you are stuck in a situation and can't get away to come out of it.

Or you have certain habits which bind you and you are not able to break free.

What binds you? Habits, patterns, and patterns of habit bind you. The tendency of the mind and emotional triggers bind you.

So suppose you have a habit to watch tv and you think that you want to utilize this time to learn something new. But the habit to watch TV that particular time binds you. This habit promises more pleasure and fun. Learning something new can be boring and painful.

So you subconsciously decide very quickly to chose please over pain. And doing that so many times forms a strong habit.

The other pattern could be that you want to do something some action towards your progress but you have a limiting belief, or a fear around it and when that gets triggered you fumble back and not take that one step which can lead you to your progress. This is also a pattern. So if you resonate with me, you can join my Thursday masterminds where I help you break free from some of your beliefs and patterns. Link is in the description

The session is called Healing for Success.

Similarly, you can feel stuck because of other patterns and habits. In my next video, I will share on how you can break free and make progress.

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