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I Understand Your Pain - Procrastination

Just being in that zone and wanting to do something extraordinary but not doing it, is painful. #beatprocrastination

Tired of procrastination?

I understand the pain of procrastination. Everyone in their life has procrastinated. This habit comes into our life and sits for long if not taken care in time. If it sits for long then some more effort is required to push it out of life.

In this article I will show you how to beat procrastination and do what you need to do. Download the Cheat Sheet to beat Procrastination.

  • Acceptance

First of all, just some level of acceptance is necessary to deal positively with it. If you are living in denial that you are not procrastinating but their is some other excuse to why you couldn't do what you planned to do then the change will not be easy.

  • Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility of your actions. Once you have accepted the fact about you procrastinating, over certain things, what next? Start from a place of taking responsibility. Based on your capacity and on the length of the time you have been procrastinating, decide the number of times you will be winning over it this time. Make a small list of 3 action items that you will do to break free from it the first time.

So say its really long time you have been procrastinating and have tried so many times and discontinued what you intended to do. Give yourself 3 times in a row an action item that you will do to beat procrastination. This will be your fist small victory. Just 3 times!

For example, you want to lose weight, and this plan of yours is pending since two years long :( then a neat idea would be to eat 3 healthy meals in a row and measure your weight before and after. Then add the next action item and continue for next 3 times in a row and then the third action item. So by the end, you would be doing 3 actions towards your goal by the end of the ninth day. Measure you progress on the ninth day.

  • A Right Plan and Valid Information

Just when you take responsibility and decide the 3 action items, validate them by your own research or through a mentor or coach in that field.

For example if you want to lose weight and decide to walk/exercise 3 times in a row but eat unhealthy then the result wont follow your hard work in exercising. Also you need to be aware of the fact that its 80 percent of healthy eating and 20 percent of exercise that makes you lose weight. Do you see that? Just the right information to work with can start showing you results. So what I am trying to say here is that validate your action plan with the right research or the right people and not believe into a myth or a well wishing friend who does not have proper knowledge. Now based on this knowledge, you might wanna eat healthy 3 times in a row.

Before you start be ready with your healthy recipes. Google some of the nutritious meals and healthy eating diet.

  • Measure

Often when we start the results are little . We forget to appreciate ourselves for the little result that came out from out effort. We need to remind that its just a beginning and the work that has gone into it is more at present and results are slow. When you progress further, the effort will become easier and results will start showing up. This is what you need to remember. It is the most important thing. Also you have just started the transition and you are breaking through your comfort zone, which in itself should be appreciated.

  • Reward

Once you do this small action plan to beat procrastination, go ahead and reward yourself. Make your reward such that it does not pulls you back from where you were. ;D

For example you can buy yourself a new dress. Choose to reward yourself in a way which motivates you more towards the new you. Now some people might say eat a cheat meal. I differ partially. This suggestion is not wrong, but often people miss the message and eat large amounts of the food they crave for without noticing the calories and nutrients intake. This brings them back to where they started. So if you reward yourself by a cheat meal plan a healthy cheat meal and small portion of it.

Beat Procrastination in 5 easy steps by a 3 BY 3 Plan!

“Accept =) Take Responsibility =) Right Plan =) Measure =) Reward ”

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Once you have a small win hashtag #beatprocrastination here with comment.

Once you have your small win of 3 times in a row #beatprocrastination here in the comment box. And once you have your big win hashtag #bigwin

I will be waiting for your wins!

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